Mobile Trivia Game

General description: This project is a local Twilio SMS powered Trivia application.

Contributors: Kazem Jahanbakhsh, Rob O'Dwyer, Alim Jiwa, and Mustafa Abousaleh

Features: Enter a code and join a multiplayer Trivia SMS game..


Implementation period: March 23-24, 2012

Technical details:
This project was developed during the HackVan event in Vancouver [1]. In HackVan 2012 several companies including Twilio, YellowAPI, Shopify, and TinEye presented their APIs. The competition took one day where we had to design/prototype and implement an application by using at least one of the above APIs. We developed a mobile version of Trivia game which can be played by people who are in close proximity of each other such as people who are taking the same bus, subway, or train.

Our main motivation was to use Trivia questions in order to encourage people in close proximity to make new social connections with each other. The benefit of this application can be to fill the gap where many game companies fail to address by helping people to compete with others who are around them. To play the game, users could simply send a game code through SMS to our web server and join the game. Then, we would send them the hints for questions where they could compete with other people by running our app on their phones. We used Twilio API [2] in order to handle users SMS requests and respond to their requests through SMS.
Our team got the fifth place among 25 teams in the competition! Read more about the event and winners at HackDays.

*** You can download the Trivia project source code from here.

[1] HackVan
[2] Twilio API


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