Soma Cube Puzzle

General description: This is an implementation for 7-pieces Soma Cube solver in Java.

Implementation period: Oct 2008.

Soma Cube problem:
In Soma Cube puzzle we have 7 pieces in total. One with size of 3 cubes and six pieces with size of 4 cubes as shown below:

soma cube pieces

These 7 pieces should be assembled in order to build a 3*3*3 cube as shown below [1]:

soma cube completed

I have developed a backtracking search program to find all possible solutions for this 7-pieces Soma Cube. This was done as one of assignments for my Algortihm Analysis course in 2008.

*** You can download Java code for Soma Cube Solver from its github repository soma-cube and the list of its 240 solutions from solutions.

Number of lines: 350
Used data structures: Java BitSet, Java Hashtable, and Java Arrays

[1] Wikipedia: Soma Cube