Kazem Jahanbakhsh, PhD

I'm a technology entrepreneur. I completed my PhD in computer science. Have academic background in machine learning, data mining, algorithm design, social networks analysis, and natural language processing. My research focus is on extracting insights from big data which can be turned into valuable business/marketing actions. I was lucky to have Dr. Valerie King and Dr. Ali Shoja as my PhD supervisors.

Since 2012, I have been designing/implementing machine learning algorithms for predicting conversion rates for display ads. This is done by real-time analysis of a large volume of ad performance data shown on websites to users.

I have industrial/research experience in designing/implemening NLP models such as topic modeling, NER, sentiment analysis, and spam detection. Have experience in designing/implementing predictive models to forecast results of political elections and flu outbreaks by mining/analyzing unstructured data from online social networks such as Twitter.

I have experience in online fraud detection space where I was involved in designing/implementing machine learning algorithms to process people social profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and detect fake/fraud digital identities.

You can view the list of my previous work in the areas of machine learning, data mining and natural language processing here: Google Scholar

You can view the latest version of my CV here: Kazem Jahanbakhsh.

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